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If you go to your dashboard and click on the title of your blog (located next to the word dashboard), and then click "settings" located on the right sidebar, you can change your picture.
Also, click on the gear, then click on the button that says "Customize profile." It'll take you to a screen where you can change this and make a different title. Also, if you scroll down on the customize sidebar, you can change the appearance of your page. Let me know if you need any help.
-Ariel ♥

Llamas with hats 

Red Panda! The cutest animal to ever exist!
Photo by Alexander Dragunov
*Please do not remove the credit or change the source.*

Pierce The Veil
Vans Warped Tour
July 14th @ Montreal, QC
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crying omg
Me : I'm a wizard.
Friend : Then prove it.
Me : I can't, no magic outside hogwarts.

shark i did 
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